Hugo, the most popular name for babies

Hugo, the most popular name for babies

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He is no longer Alejandro, nor Daniel, not José ... In the latest lists published by the Spanish National Institute of Statistics the most popular name for babies is Hugo. Yes, yes, Hugo.

This data has surprised many of us because it does not seem that there are many children with that name. In fact, surveying some moms and dads, many did not know any babies by that name.

And why will it have become the top name in 2013? There are several bets, although already in the lists of the last years it was creeping little by little and has been climbing positions in a discreet but constant way:

- Some believe it is because the followers of Hugo, the funny pixie which became the first video game that could be played in the Telecupón television contest, they are already parents and that name evokes their childhood.

- Others think that each time parents prefer to give their children less popular names and, by chance in life, they have made one that was not popular.

However, despite the fact that Hugo has been the name chosen by many Spanish parents for their baby boys in 2013, it is still far from being a popular name globally since ranks 70 of the 100 most popular Spanish names. Other names such as Antonio, José, Manuel or Francisco are the most abundant in the Spanish geography.

Hugo is a name that is gaining appeal to many parents as is his English variant: Hugh. Its origin is Germanic and means 'intelligent' and 'brilliant'. It is a simple and distinguished name. So welcome to the top of names.

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