How to choose children's camp for the holidays

How to choose children's camp for the holidays

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Children's school hours are very different from adults, so conciliating is not easy on many occasions. If throughout the year it is already complicated, when the holidays arrive it becomes even more difficult.

Children have long vacation periods and parents who work outside the home only have a few days a year, so you have to organize all that extra time. How? The most helpful is send the kids to summer camps either urban or longer stays away from home.

The offer of camps for children is wide. If you are still not sure whether to choose a sports, language or multi-activity camp. If sending the child for 15 days away from home or to an urban neighborhood, on our site We tell you everything you need to know about vacation camps.

Summer camps. Choose summer camps for children. Parents need a summer camp for children that is affordable, safe, educational, reliable, clean, and that meets the needs and tastes of their children.

Urban colonies. The urban children's colonies began operating about 15 years ago, with the purpose of offering families an alternative that allows the little ones to keep busy during the day and sleep at home, without having to travel to a remote place.

Summer camps abroad. Summer camps abroad to learn another language. If you are thinking of taking your child to a language camp abroad, surely you have had a lot of questions. We offer you the answers.

Camp games for children. Camp game ideas for kids. How to make summer camps more enjoyable for children. What to play with the children in the camps.

10 reasons to take the child to a camp. What children learn in summer camps. There are many types of summer camps for children: music, sports, languages, to develop artistic abilities, to reinforce the knowledge learned in school ... Advantages and benefits of camps for children.

Lice in the camps. Summer is the time for children's camps and also for lice. Fight the risk of lice at summer camps for children. How to treat lice.

What to put in the camping suitcase. Many children, on their school vacations, go to summer camp. For first-time camping goers, here are some ideas on what not to forget in your suitcase.

Advantages and disadvantages of language camps. Advantages and disadvantages of English camps for children. We are going to look at some of the most common benefits and drawbacks we encounter when we send children to an English immersion camp.

English camps. Childhood is the best time to learn a second language and experts consider that the ideal age to achieve a native accent should not exceed 16 years.

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