How to decorate a child's bathroom

How to decorate a child's bathroom

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Do you have the possibility that your children have a bathroom for themselves? Or do they have to share it with parents? In any case, we want to give you ideas to make the bathroom a fun and practical space at the same time. And above all ... sure!

Here are some tips for decorating a child's bathroom:

1. Coatings: for the water area (washbasin and shower or bathtub) it is advisable to use materials that withstand humidity and are easy to clean, such as tiles or washable paint or paper. You can combine them and thus create more movement. You can put on some self-adhesive vinyl that is safe, fun, and colorful.

For the floor, make sure it is non-slip avoiding the danger of slipping. If you place a rug, try not to move with the movements with a base that prevents it.

2. Furniture and toilets: It would be preferable if the size of the toilets were adapted to the size of the children, but in a few years you would have to change them and do work. So make sure they have risers to reach the sink so that it is comfortable for them to wash and they are more independent.

In the bathtub or shower you should also avoid accidents. If they do not have a non-slip surface, you must place something to avoid them.

The drawers of the vanity units will have a shock absorbing closure to prevent fingers from getting caught.

3. Color: the bathroom is a space that lends itself to the use of vibrant and cheerful colors. Reds, greens, yellows, blues, oranges ... You can apply them both in coatings and accessories. For example, the towels, the mirror frames, may the cleaning routine become one of the best moments of the day!

4. Hangers and coat racks: they will be very useful to hang your bathrobes, pajamas, bath towels ... You can place them behind the door or in the shower. There are them with fun shapes and full of color.

5. Storage baskets: perfect for your toiletries, combs, colognes ... and keep everything in order. Well chosen they can also be very decorative.

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