8 Basque names for boys

8 Basque names for boys

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It is not always easy to choose a baby's name. That's why since we want to help you select the best names for boys and girls. This time we approach the Basque names for children with a list in which you will surely find the perfect name for your child.

In this list of Basque names for boys you will find names of all kinds. Short names, famous names, traditional names, and original names that are still rare. The best name for your baby can be among these 8 Basque names for children.

1. Iker. It is one of the most widespread Basque names in its use and means 'the one who brings good news'. Popularized thanks to famous people and athletes, it retains a very attractive different touch.

2. Eneko. This Basque name means 'the only' and it is gaining popularity in recent years for its loudness and forcefulness. It is the most attractive and original, so it can be the ideal name for your baby.

3. Lander. The name is the Basque variant of the Castilian Leandro and means 'friendly man'. In this way it is completely transformed and it is a renewed name, more modern and with a very original touch.

4. Arkaitz. This name is a classic among Basque names for boys. It has a meaning of 'stone' and we like it for that sound that gives it a lot of personality and because it is very original.

5. Ekaitz. It is one of the Basque names that we like the most for children because of its meaning of 'storm'. As its use has not yet spread too much, it retains a fresh touch that makes it a charming name.

6. Ibai. The name means 'River' and it has a special musicality that exudes sweetness. Its popularity is increasing because it is a simple, current name and has a lot of appeal.

7. Asier. This Basque name that means 'Start' It is one of the strongest. It is a name that prints character and that is why it has transcended borders to become one of the most popular names for boys.

8. Gorka. The name is the Basque variant of the Castilian Jorge and its meaning is related to 'the earth'. In this version it gains in originality and that is why its use is spreading rapidly.

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