Keys to educating happier children

Keys to educating happier children

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Parenting is the most difficult task parents face. Educating a child is not easy. It implies imposing rules and limits, transmitting values, spending a lot of time and a lot of patience with the children and above all, it implies knowing how to mark a path so that our children know the direction they should take.

Undoubtedly, in order to be clear about the education of children, it is essential that parents set priorities, that they set an example and above all, to connect with their children.

Teachers can be of great help, but in reality it is parents who must educate their children. Educating them so that they will also be happy adults in the future is a hard but enriching task.

Since We have selected a series of articles and expert advice on parenting education and coaching that will surely be of great help to you.

How to make your son a delinquent. Giving everything the child asks for, laughing at all his "thanks" or never telling him the things he does wrong are some of the mistakes that parents can pay, and very expensive, when the child grows up. Emilio Calatayud, judge for minors in Spain, tells us what we must avoid so that our son does not have serious problems of coexistence.

Montessori Education Tips. María Montessori created a unique educational method, based on the individual abilities of each child. In addition, he always offered very useful education tips for parents.

12 keys for your child to be happy. A well-known Harvard psychology professor gives us the keys to being happy. Keys that you can also teach your child. Don't miss out on these 12 points to conquer happiness.

Phrases of Augusto Cury. Advice on education from the Brazilian thinker Augusto Cury. Phrases for parents about the education of children. Tips on how to enhance children's emotional intelligence.

How to raise happy children. Forbes magazine gives us some keys that can help us be happier. They are habits and behaviors that positive people share and that you can teach your children.

15 summer chores for kids. Find out what are the 15 summer assignments that a teacher gave his students as summer assignments. An Italian teacher surprised his students with homework for the summer. There were no additions or divisions. They were simple and vital tasks that we often forget to do.

Thoughts of Bernabé Tierno. Phrases of the tender psychologist Bernabé on different values ​​of life. Thoughts that we can certainly use in the education of our children.

Bill Gates's lessons to children. The businessman, computer scientist and philanthropist Bill Gates offered during a speech 10 golden rules to succeed and be happy in life. Take note, because maybe it will help you focus the education of your children.

How to make your child a leader. Teach your child to be a leader, not a follower. Parental behaviors that prevent the child from becoming a leader. Negative behaviors that do not benefit children's learning.

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