Babies' faces when they poop

Babies' faces when they poop

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The condition of the baby's poop is one of the concerns that parents have in the first years of their child's life. The poop, its color and consistency, say a lot about the baby health. The amount is also important and depends a lot on how old they are. When they are very young, babies not only attract attention for their poop, but also for the faces they make when they are defecating. They are unforgettable! To this day I remember the face my daughter made when she started pooping.

Before they ditch the diaper and learn to poop on the potty or toilet, babies poop anywhere and in front of anyone. How embarrassed we were when we were in a public place and our daughter was pooping! The smell was felt every minute and everywhere. Sneakily I would take the girl and immediately take her to the bathroom to clean and change her. It's that baby poop smells very, very bad. This situation happened to us in shopping centers, in the car, or even on a visit to friends' houses.

Over the months, even before I felt the smell of my daughter's poop, I realized what was to come, because of her little face. The funniest thing was seeing my daughter's face. She was frowning, putting a toothless smile on her mouth, and her eyes were like saucers. Then it would turn red red from the effort I made to squeeze.

A few days ago I saw this video of a brand of baby diapers on the Internet, which made me remember the faces my little girl made when she pooped. How funny! Look at him, to see if he identifies a face with which your child makes or made defecating. A very funny and cute video at the same time.

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Video: Pooping Baby (July 2022).


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