How to have a safe and childproof home

How to have a safe and childproof home

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When the baby begins to move, crawl and take his first steps, some parents raise their hands to the head concerned with the safety of their little one. They move some furniture, put security devices in the corners and doors ... everything to keep your baby safe and away from the risks of injury, choke, choke, burn, electrocute, etc.

The most serious accidents that children can suffer, according to statistics, occur at home. Getting into trouble is enough for a baby to move. That is why it is very important, especially in the technological age, to defend them as much as we can. We can not forget:

1. Place safety devices in toilets, doors, drawers, cabinets, in the corners of furniture, etc.

2. Remove all sharp objects from the baby's reach: scissors, tweezers, razors, knives, etc.

3. Keep products such as medicines, creams, cosmetics, cleaning products, out of the sight of children.

4. Do not allow the little one, during the bath, to play with the shower or with the taps. The water temperature must be controlled by an adult.

5. Use slip resistant on the carpets in the house and in the bathrooms, as well as in bathtubs.

6. Store household appliances (hair dryer, razors ...) in closets and away from water.

7. Keep the baby away from the kitchen, as well as the garbage can and stairs.

8. When putting the baby in the highchair, do not forget to use the seat belt.

9. Place safety covers about plugs or sockets.

10. Avoid putting furniture next to the windows, to prevent the little one from looking out the window.

11. Supervise and watch the baby throughout the house. Never leave him alone.

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