5 myths about bread

5 myths about bread

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It's good to eat bread, or do you have to eliminate it from meals? How much do you need to eat? Better natural or whole? The doubts about the consumption of bread are the most varied, so knowing the reality regarding this food It is the best way to have a healthy and balanced diet as a family.

Eating bread is allowed in a healthy meal plan and balanced, since it is a food that is very healthy for the body. However, it has always been reviled by nutritionists who considered that it contributed negative calories to the body, something that has been denied because bread is not really fattening if eaten in adequate quantities.

However, it does have certain aspects like that provides nutrients to the body, and that even in small daily portions could strengthen the cardiovascular system.

1. Bread makes you fat: Although it is not a food that goes unnoticed in terms of calories, it is not as fattening as has always been believed. This means that recommended by doctors and nutritionists, eating bread every day in small portions helps to maintain the line.

2. The crumb is worse than the crust: It has always been believed that eating bread crumbs makes you fatter than the crust, but actually both have a similar caloric intake, being even less in the crumb.

3. Sliced ​​bread is healthier: As can happen with whole wheat bread, a sliced ​​bread does not have to have fewer calories or be excessively healthier than normal bread.

4. Whole wheat bread has no calories: Contrary to what can be believed, the caloric intake of whole wheat bread is similar to that of sliced ​​bread or the most common breads. It does not have a low contribution as important as what is believed.

5. Diabetics cannot eat bread: More and more foods that people with diabetes can eat. In the case of bread, if it is eaten in small quantities it is allowed.

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