Ghost mobile for Halloween. Crafts

Ghost mobile for Halloween. Crafts

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The manual activities They are the best pastime for children to develop their imagination and fantasy, while enriching their intellectual capacity. Many times, the effort to do something more special and original, and with your own hands, is much more valuable.

This time, Guiainfantil proposes a craft that, in addition to being very entertaining, serves to decorate some corner of the house. It's about a ghost mobile, ideal for decorating the house, especially in Halloween.

The whole family can have fun building something as simple and joyful as a ghost mobile that will scare young and old let them visit the house. A perfect activity, with which the smallest of the house will have a great time developing it and playing with it. However, children should always have adult supervision for the development of this craft.

  • Two white sheets
  • A stick about 35 centimeters long
  • A piece of cardstock or thin cardboard
  • Pair of scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • Fine cord
  • Black marker
  • Glue stick

1- Draw on the cardboard the outline of two ghosts, one large and one smaller, and then cut them out.

2- Fold one of the pages into four parts and, using the shape made with the cardboard, to draw the small ghost twice on it. Next, draw the shape of the big ghost on the other folio folded in half. The result will be eight small and two large ghosts, drawn and cut out.

3- With the help of the black marker, paint the eyes and mouths of the ghosts.

4- Cut 4 pieces of cord 20 centimeters long, and one 25. Glue the pieces of cord to the head of the ghosts with a piece of adhesive tape and then spread the upper part with glue and join the other ghost over the glued area.

Proposal sent by Elisa Polo, mother and DIY teacher - Brussels

Craft and photos made by Jorge GarcĂ­a, 6 years old

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