A childbirth lived with confidence, naturalness and tranquility

A childbirth lived with confidence, naturalness and tranquility

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Currently, we already see slight rays of sanity emerging on the horizon when treating women in labor. Today it is already possible to have a more natural delivery in some hospitals, as had already been happening in alternative delivery centers.

Pregnancy is treated for what it is, a natural fact, which in most cases does not require any medical procedure.

Most of the women who have gone through the experience of bringing a child into the world, we have been subjected to a series of hospital protocols that have almost completely annulled us, they have filled us with fears and have diminished our prominence. At the first symptom, they explored us, they broke our bag, they took us to a hospital dilation room, we had to be bedridden, connected to the fetal monitor, they gave us a drip to accelerate contractions, they gave us performed an episiotomy, ... Nothing seemed to depend on us!

Everything around us seems under control and safe, while we are full of insecurities. When a future mother requests a natural birth, it should not be considered as something reserved for a privileged few, an eccentricity or a lack of responsibility on her part, since there is the possibility of something unforeseen or risk. It is not meant to be brave, but to consider labor and childbirth as a natural event and not as a medical intervention.

We invite you to watch a video that surely, like me, you will watch with healthy envy, for the luck that mother and baby had to have lived, calmly and without fear, a natural birth as if you were in your own home, without haste, or probes, or cables, or medication, or unnatural postures ..., paying attention to our natural dictation: stretch standing up, respect the wait, express our emotions, share with our family the welcome of the new member.

It is not about giving up medical care, but being able to live a childbirth with confidence, as an individual and unique experience that does not happen every day.

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