Childhood obesity, a weight problem

Childhood obesity, a weight problem

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Excess weight among children is a worrying problem around the world, and it is growing alarmingly, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

It is estimated that there more than 45 million overweight children worldwide, children who will surely continue to be obese as adults and will have more problems with diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Thechildhood obesity it is the most difficult metabolic disease to treat. Its prevention and fight, goes through a good diet combined with physical exercise and a modification of behavior habits that involve parents, schools, families and, in general, the whole of society.

To fight against childhood obesity, it is essential to prepare attractive dishes for children, and better prepared baby food, since what is eaten in the first year and a half of life, shapes the taste of children. Remember that childhood obesity can be prevented.

Weekly menu for obese children. A complete weekly menu for obese or fat children. Weekly meal plan ready to print to take care of the diet of children with overweight or obesity. With a healthy, rich and adequate diet, added to a physical exercise plan, children can lose weight and be healthy.

Obese babies Obesity is not very common in babies before 6 months, when they are fed exclusively with breast milk or artificial milk. However, it is already common to find babies who suffer from obesity when they begin to introduce them to complementary feeding.

Consequences of obesity. Childhood obesity and its consequences. When it manifests in childhood, it persists into adolescence, and if it is not treated in time, obesity will probably carry on into adulthood.

Diet for obese children. What should children eat and in what quantity to stop being obese and reach their ideal weight? With good control of children's nutrition and healthy habits, we will ensure that they continue to grow, but without gaining weight.

How to prevent childhood obesity. In this video you will find some tips to prevent childhood obesity from eating at home. Lucía Bultó, nutritionist and author of The Nutrinanny Tips, advises parents to recognize the nutritional errors that lead to obesity in the family.

Recipes against obesity. Recipe ideas to reduce childhood obesity. Obesity is a disorder that affects an increasing number of children. However, what to do when the child wants to eat constantly, is gluttonous or has bad eating habits?

Decalogue against childhood obesity. Decalogue against Childhood Obesity and Sedentarism of the Mediterranean Diet Foundation, aims to offer solutions by way of suggestions and advice to prevent the percentage of children who are obese or overweight from continuing to increase.

Eating healthy is fun. On May 28, National Nutrition Day is celebrated, so we want to make children aware of the importance of eating healthy so as not to fall into obesity. Obesity in children grows day by day due to poor eating habits and little physical exercise. Eating healthy is fun, childhood obesity is not.

Treatment of childhood obesity. Treatment of childhood obesity. On our site we teach you how to deal with children who are overweight. Treatment consists basically of changes in behavior, feeding and physical, of the children and the family

Sports against obesity. The most suitable sports against childhood obesity. How to prevent childhood obesity. How the sedentary lifestyle of children is making them gain weight. our site proposes a series of physical exercises to prevent obesity in children. Active children against obesity.

Menu to prevent obesity. What should children eat and in what quantity to prevent overweight and obesity? With this ready-to-print weekly children's menu, you can easily make a weekly meal plan to take care of your children's health. Anti-obesity menu made by dietitian-nutritionist Verónica González Risco.

Mom's recipes against obesity. Mothers have a good hand in the kitchen, but due to the lifestyle that we now lead we do not have time to dedicate it to the kitchen. In addition, as we all like to eat, try new dishes and each time we know more about nutrition, a science that well applied takes care of our health and that of our children, spending time cooking is far from being a waste of time, has become a very profitable investment.

Causes of childhood obesity. Causes of childhood obesity: inadequate diet and lack of physical activity. Childhood obesity is currently considered the epidemic of the 21st century, if the eating habits and lifestyle of families do not remedy it.

Tricks to combat childhood obesity. Currently, the issue of childhood obesity not only worries many parents but also the sanitary authorities around the world. The nutritionist Lucía Bultó, author of the book Nutrinanny Tips, explains in this interview with our site, what are the causes that lead to overweight in children

Habits that lead to obesity. What are the factors that lead children to obesity? In this interview to our site, the nutritionist Lucía Bultó, a specialist in Child Nutrition, clarifies what habits and customs are increasing obesity among children.

Prevention of obesity in children. On our site we talk about how to prevent childhood obesity. How to avoid obesity in children and eat a healthy and adequate diet.

Eating at school reduces obesity. We are on the way for childhood obesity figures to make us leaders in the ranking in Europe. Did you know that more than half of Spanish children are overweight and only Italians beat us? At this rate we are going to become the United States of Europe on obesity.

Bad eating habits. Sedentary lifestyle, excess calories, bad eating habits… Silvia Alava explains to us what is the relationship between obesity and bad eating habits in children.

Childhood obesity and diabetes. What is the relationship between childhood obesity and diabetes. Every day there are more children suffering from obesity. This disease is closely related to the onset of diabetes in children. Childhood obesity and diabetes are diseases that go together. We explain why you should take care of your child's diet and avoid childhood obesity.

How to fight obesity. María Sandón, dietician and nutritionist, one day raised with the psychologist Silvia Serrano, who collaborates with her in her consultation, the need for a perfect therapy for the treatment of obesity. Thus, he discovered that one of the best ways is group care. Learn about the program against obesity in children.

Obesity and overweight. Childhood obesity Overweight problems in children. Causes and consequences of obesity in childhood. What matters is not whether the child is fat or thin, but whether he is healthy. When a child can be said to be obese and how to start treatment to lose weight.

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