Premature children thank the nurse who took care of them

Premature children thank the nurse who took care of them

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We live surrounded by anonymous heroes, who do not hesitate to dedicate their lives to others. It is the case of Renee, a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Marietta Hospital, in Georgia (USA).

Renee has dedicated her entire life to caring for premature babies in those early days of fighting for life. He gets up early, goes to the hospital with a wide smile and offers the little ones the best he has: his love.

We know that the heroes of our day to day act just because, because it comes from within. They do not seek recognition or even to be thanked. They don't ask for anything in return. However, in this life there is something that we should never forget: to be grateful. Gratitude is a fundamental value that we must instill in children from an early age. For that, nothing better than the example.

A group of parents, grateful for the hundreds and hundreds of hours that Renee dedicated to their children at a crucial moment, decided to take their children so that they, in person, would thank her.

Emotional, sincere and exemplary encounter between the children that Renee saved and cared for as if they were her own children during the most difficult period for them.

Numerous studies have shown that premature babies improve faster when stimulated by warmth and affection from the people closest to them. A caress, a hug, a kiss, holding him skin to skin to his chest ... The best, of course, is contact with his parents, but in the first days after premature birth, babies must be isolated. They are minutes that will determine whether the baby will survive or not. At such times, the work of doctors and nurses is extremely important.

It is as important to receive affection as learning to give it back later. Premature babies don't know who Renee is, but their parents will be able to explain it to them when they grow up. It is time to also explain how important gratitude is. And as in many other cases, it is taught, by example.

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