Why snack is so important to children

Why snack is so important to children

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We often talk about the importance of having a good breakfast, and it is true that it is. Breakfast provides much of the energy that children need to perform adequately at school.

But we must not forget the existence of a very important intermediate meal: the snack. Many hours pass between lunch and dinner, and it is not advisable to skip this meal.

It is at that time of the day, the afternoon, where children engage in extracurricular activities, some of which involve a high physical demand (sports: football, basketball, tennis, dance, etc.) and others involve a notable intellectual demand (languages, paint, etc.) Both the muscles and the brain need the existence of a 'fuel', glucose, to perform properly.

Fortunately, in most Spanish homes this important food is taken into account. It is estimated that 75% of children eat snacks, especially the youngest ones. As adolescence approaches, they stop doing it (less than 50% of adolescents have a daily snack).

Ideally, the snack should rotate, and all the child's needs and requirements are covered throughout the week. Some days they can have a piece of fruit, others a dairy, a sandwich of a good sausage (low-fat cold cuts, Iberian ham, etc.), cereals with dark chocolate (which is antioxidant), etc.

The systematic consumption of industrial fruit juices, non-homemade pastries or carbonated drinks is discouraged.

But ... What percentage of the daily caloric count should the snack offer? About 15%. That is: the snack must exist, but it must be light. And one last piece of advice: flee from the monotony, and encourage yourself, fathers and mothers, to have a snack too.

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