Test to find out if your child is hyperactive

Test to find out if your child is hyperactive

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Every day the number of children diagnosed with ADHD grows and is currently one of the most frequent psychiatric problems in children. It is estimated that 6% of children suffer Attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. There are a series of behaviors that reveal the hyperactive child, although the symptoms can be classified according to the child's attention deficit, the degree of hyperactivity or his impulsivity. It affects more boys than girls and they are students who have a very restless and moved behavior, which causes them problems at school.

If your child does not stop still, is very moved, it is difficult for him to pay attention to what is being said and in school his performance is below that of other children, you can try to answer these questions.

- Easily distracted and forgets what to do

- It is difficult for you to keep your attention on a long task. Has a lack of concentration

- Has difficulty attending selectively.

- This is a very lively child with excessive activity

- Finds it difficult to finish tasks already started.

- It is difficult to keep sitting in a chair.

- Has behaviors of a destructive nature

- He is very impulsive and is very hasty in his actions

- Move the feet, hands and the body without a clear objective.

- His behavior is inappropriate and receives frequent punishments.

- Is repeatedly bored or excited for no apparent reason.

- Sometimes, it seems that you do not listen, you have a great lack of attention.

If your answer is affirmative in most of them, and the child has already reached the age of 7, it would be advisable for you to consult a child psychologist regarding the possibility of having an attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder.

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