Helping Children Prepare for Tests

Helping Children Prepare for Tests

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Sometimes children are as overwhelmed by obligations as adults, so it is not surprising that they suffer from stress and end up having problems with school performance. Homework, sports activities, languages ​​... too much for children who should take advantage of their time playing.

That is why, as parents, we have decided to get more involved in their obligations. It is not about doing their homework for them or taking responsibility away from them, but about helping them study with some tricks that they still do not know. We have some tips for help children prepare for exams.

Going to school, paying attention, learning and studying is a task that we cannot do for our children, but we can guide them when it comes to prepare for exams teaching them study skills, reviewing topics with them, or motivating them to study. In any case, the involvement of parents is essential for good school performance. We can help children with tests in many ways.

1. Motivation: For a child to prepare for an exam more easily, the first thing they need to have is motivation. The reluctance makes its appearance quickly after the exhausting day and not all subjects interest him equally. We can always find a funny motif so that you are interested in each subject.

2. The study technique: We adults know tricks and study techniques that the little ones still do not know. Regardless of what they learn in class, we can teach them make outlines, cards or summaries, make them with them and check that they are understanding and assimilating all the knowledge.

3. follow a routine: It is essential that children follow a daily study routine and not leave everything until the day before the exam. That is why it is advisable to prioritize family organization from day to day and book a shared study time with the children.

4. More self-confidence: Children and adults need to face an exam or a exams time Safely. The security of having prepared all the material is as important as the security in themselves, that is why it is necessary to always highlight their achievements in learning and remind them of their worth.

5. Involvement of parents: The parental involvement in the studies of the children it happens to be aware of the subjects that are taught in the school, the methodology and what each teacher demands of the students. We must always know what our children are studying and catch up.

6. The questions: One of the tricks practiced by all families is to review the subject with the children and ask them questions. Is a extra help to prepare for the exam, but it is something that should be done regularly and not just at exam time.

7. Don't forget rest: We cannot forget about break It is essential for children to go strongly to the exam and also to the diet, paying special attention to those foods that strengthen memory for the days before the exams.

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