Children's Songs with Message: Colors in the Wind by Pocahontas

Children's Songs with Message: Colors in the Wind by Pocahontas

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. brings you the most popular children's songs that, in addition to entertaining our children, teach them values ​​such as equality or respect. For example, 'Colors in the wind' by Pocahontas.

In a world where people of all beliefs, skin color and thoughts coexist, it is essential to educate our children in equality. Also, we must teach them respect all living beings, animals and plants, since only with respect for each other can we live in a peaceful world.

You look ignorant and wild
and you know a thousand places
maybe you are right
because if so, I'm wild for you
you can't open your heart anymore ... heart

You believe everything you step on is yours
you take over the land that you see
but every tree, rock and creature
it has a life it has a soul it is a being.

It seems that there are no more people
than those that are just like you
if you follow the footsteps of a stranger
you will see things you never dreamed of seeing.

Have you heard the wolf howling at the blue moon?
Or, have you seen a lynx smile?
you have sung with the voice of the mountains
and colors in the wind discover
and colors in the wind discover

Let's run down the forest paths
Let's steal their flavor from the fruits
discover wealth at your fingertips
without thinking for a moment about its value
the rivers and the rain my brothers
friends we are all you see
we are all very united
in an endless cycle that is eternal

How tall will the tree grow?
if you cut it today
you will never know.

And you won't hear the wolf help the blue moon
it doesn't matter the color of our skin
and we will join our voice with the mountains
and colors in the wind discover

If you don't understand what's here
it's only land for you
and colors in the wind discover

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