The 10 lies that mothers tell

The 10 lies that mothers tell

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The most common lies of mothers to their children


Sheer lip service, we all know that confessing only leads to punishment. A typical mother's lie that we have all fallen into.

When mothers are lazy to go to the mall, the toy store, the amusement park or the cinema, there is only one way out ... It's closed!

Mothers are bothered by grimaces, weird gestures, finger crunches, body twists and squinting, to avoid all this, they have a solution: instill fear.

They cannot recognize it, but mothers do pry and look among their children's things, with all the pain in their hearts, but this spy tactic is basic during childhood and, especially, in adolescence.

The child may have only scribbled a few or that his drawing is impossible to decipher, but let's see what mother dares to break her son's illusion.

Children's passion for sweets and, specifically, for chewing gum, despairs many mothers who, fed up with seeing their children chew, end up scaring them to prevent them from continuing to do so.

Who or has waited 2 and 3 hours after eating to be able to bathe? A typical excuse for a mother to be able to take a nap or rest because digestion is not interrupted by bathing, it is interrupted when there is a temperature decompensation.

We all know that mothers will do everything possible for the child to finish the plate of lentils, or vegetables, because even if they do not like them, they have so many nutrients and vitamins ...

Children are reluctant to try certain foods and it is that the food 'enters their eyes', so you have to manage and motivate the child to get him to try new foods, even though we know that they are not so ... delicious.

A very common phrase, which despite not being entirely true, is very close to it. Mothers are very busy.

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