Tricks for sharing a bed with a baby

Tricks for sharing a bed with a baby

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When a baby comes into the house, new parents are so naive that we think of everything except this. If you take a few minutes to take a look at this vignette, you are sure to smile.

The couple's bed becomes a crib for babies, and what was once a sanctuary for rest and pleasure, with the arrival of the baby, this family treasure changes hands. Restful sleep is no longer what it used to be and pleasure is conspicuous by its absence.

I want to sleep! It is the battle cry with which many parents claim their place in bed. We get used to sleeping on the pole of a chicken coop, as it was said before, when we settle for a corner on the side of the bed where you can only turn on your side because on your back we exceed our territory, but that's not all. As if that weren't enough, a knee also digs into your side, a foot goes through your kidneys or a hand covers your face, and we all ask what spell Mother Nature has cast on us to endure stoically and with so much patience this list endless 'little things' that, day after day, do not let us sleep with our partner.

If you do not think that babies can test parents' patience, look at the first cartoon, with it I have already let out the first laugh. Of course, it is a trap for the father that the baby sleeps in his bed because, on occasions, he can end up irretrievably displaced to the sofa giving rise to the second vignette, the dog house. But if you have not resigned yourself to losing your privileged place in bed, do not worry, because your baby has prepared a cocktail of movements for you, that when you get up you will know that you have been all night in a blender.

However, if you prefer stronger sensations, try the bed of hell and you will wake up as if you have just descended from the highest roller coaster in the world. Your kidneys will be so destroyed that if you have managed to stay horizontal without falling out of bed, your legs will shake.

It is possible that the next day, after having endured the night before, you prefer to reach an agreement with your partner to change positions, in search of an improvement, of a well-being at the end of the tunnel of terror that is the night in your bedroom. At the foot of the bed, you will not have the baby near or to the side. The baby king will definitely have become the master of the independent kingdom of your room.

Then it will be when you long for the positions of the beginning and you will think that the remedy has been worse than the disease. You will seek to return to that position in which, at least, you had your square centimeter on the side of the bed and even though your shoulder hurt tremendously, which you crushed all night, when you took the position, you slept. However, you did not count on the frights of jazz hands who, without knowing how and where, they appear, touch your back as if it were a piano and make you jump on the bed that threatens the good health of your sensitive and delicate heart.

And it is that first it is a hand, then a leg and in the end you have the entire body of your child, of your soul baby, literally on top, so much so that it cuts your breath when it is placed on you as a scarf. But, if you think you've already gone through all the worst, keep reading that you still have the final litmus test. What does your baby do when he is awake? Does it open an eye to see what it is like? Does he stick his finger up your nose? Do you investigate to see what is inside your mouth?

If you have also gone through any of these situations, tell us through our official Facebook page. Sometimes, the phrases we say when we are half asleep, the startles, the scares, the falling out of bed ... are great memories that are worth remembering with a smile.

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