Chinese tales. A children's story about sincerity

Chinese tales. A children's story about sincerity

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This story is ideal to read to children. With him you can teach him values ​​as important as that of sincerity and family. And, the family is not only parents and children, grandparents play a very prominent role in the education of children since they can transmit great lessons.

Grandpa Filomeno, who had been a teacher before retiring, had the biggest belly Martin had ever seen. And Martín had the greatest imagination that Grandfather Filomeno had ever known. Martín spent the day making up stories that would explain why it suddenly rained or who was in charge of lighting the streetlights. Nothing that happened around him happened just because. That's why he always interrupted the explanations at school to tell stories and all the teachers had to cut him off to say:

- Martín, don't tell us Chinese stories.

And Martín kept his stories inside, not understanding why they called his stories Chinese tales if he was not Chinese, but from Albacete.

One day Martín had asked Grandfather Filomeno why he had that huge belly.

- Well, because it will be… because I have eaten many children in my life! Everyone who misbehaved in class, yum! I devoured them in one bite.

Martín looked at Grandfather Filomeno thoughtfully. How could he eat children! That sounded like a Chinese story. Of course, Grandpa Filomeno was big as a bear and, although he laughed a lot, sometimes he was in a bad mood and got very angry. What if he really ate a lot of children in his life? And she was so scared that she almost started crying.

When Grandpa Filomeno saw her reaction, he began to laugh out loud:

- But Martín, little one, how can I eat a child in one bite? I have this belly from eating a lot of sweets, not from eating students.

It was a joke! Go to Grandpa Filomeno. It was clear that telling Chinese stories ran in the family.

One fine day, Martín realized that Mom had suddenly grown a belly as huge as Grandpa Filomeno's. Had Mom eaten a lot of sweets too?

But what happened to Mama is that inside her belly she had a boy, who everyone said would be called Germán and that he would be her brother. He hadn't eaten it! But there it was ...

- But if Mom hasn't eaten Germán, how did the poor thing get to her belly? - Martin asked Dad one day.

Dad made a face of circumstances and after a while thinking he exclaimed:

- You see, it turns out that a witch who lived in the forest ran into Mama and very angry she did a strange curse on her and poor German ended up in Mama's belly.

Martín looked at Papa with an incredulous face. Now that was a tall tale, what did Mama have to do with the witches in the forest? With how little Mama liked the country!

So very angry he went to look for Mom. But what Mom told him about a stork that flew through the sky carrying children and putting them in their bellies seemed even more absurd than the story of the witch. In the steeples of his city there were many storks and he had never seen one with a baby in their beaks. What a Chinese tale!

So, very confused, little Martín went to Grandpa Filomeno.

- But don't tell me Chinese tales, Grandpa, that Mom and Dad have already told me a few. I want the truth!

And Martin said it so seriously that Grandfather Filomeno had no choice but to remember his days as a teacher and explain to his grandson some things about the human body.

- You are telling me that Mom and Dad created a little German inside Mom's body, and that now he's grown and that's why Mom has that potbelly, and that the same thing happened to me, and that something as big as a baby comes out of Mom's body. Mother. - And sure, sure this is not a tall tale?

- Sure sure.

- But Grandpa, if this is so ... Then Mom is magic! It's a fairy! He has super powers !! So Germán will also have superpowers and I myself have superpowers, but I must not have discovered it yet, because of course no one had told me that I had them, why had no one ever told me that Mom is magical? But, but then, Germán and I must have superhuman strength or something, and then we can, we can ...

Hearing that, Grandfather Filomeno put his hands to his head and exclaimed:

- Martín, please: don't tell me Chinese tales!

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