Father and daughter dance like stars at home

Father and daughter dance like stars at home

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There are really cute scenes. Others are full of messages. In this case, it is enough to observe the dance of little Inés with her father to get excited about the 'chemistry between them'.

Inés is just 6 years old and loves to dance. She is a regular at a dance program: 'Dancing with the stars'. But ... you need a dance partner. Of course! His father!

The bond between parents and children is evident in very simple gestures. A knowing look or a tender hug is enough. Enough, of course, a dance. Ines feels like Ginger Roger in her father's arms. They dance to Sia's song 'Chandelier', and move freely and agile around the room. They will have had to rehearse each of the steps a lot. Best of all, regardless of how well they do, is to contemplate the happiness that the little girl emanates in each of her movements.

The bond between children and mothers is often talked about. But what about parents? Parents also 'nurture' that emotional bond with their children. In this case, Inés's father makes one of his daughter's passions come true: dancing. It helps them to prepare the choreography, to perform fun pirouettes through the air ... that is without counting the benefits that this magical moment has for them. Neither of you will ever forget this moment.

A dance that will make many parents smile and make them think ... really worth it.

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