How to avoid bullying

How to avoid bullying

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Hello, I discovered the page recently and I would like to congratulate both the page and the users, as it is full of good advice for parents, however there is a type of bullying that I cannot find any reference to on the page: EL TEACHER ABUSE, which is when the figure of the bully is embodied by the teacher. Abusing his authority, he can humiliate the child in various ways in front of his classmates, isolate him, encourage violence against him and justify his actions by blaming the child.There are many people who have suffered it, although it is not as popular a topic as cyberbullying, and it would be good to have a guide on what to do, especially when the "correct" action channels also fail (that the school management, the APA, guidance and educational inspection are more concerned with covering up the matter and protecting its image than for trying to fix the issue) Thank you very much.

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