The most popular names in Ecuador for girls

The most popular names in Ecuador for girls

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Before the baby arrives, you have to make some decisions, such as choosing a suitable name. There are parents who are clear about it and do not accept proposals. Others, however, are subject to the family tradition or are influenced by fashions, TV characters, or famous athletes.

In Ecuador they choose traditional names for their girls. For this reason, in the list of frequent names for girls in Ecuador we do not find any strange names, but with compound names that taste of tradition and simplicity. And in most girl names the classic Maria appears.

1. Maria Fernanda. The name finds a Hebrew origin in Maria and a Germanic origin in Fernanda. If it is placed in the first position of the list of frequent names for girls in Ecuador, it is because of its sound and because it is a name with a great personality.

2. María José. It is a compound name of Hebrew origin. Its familiarity and its frequent use over the years makes us forget its particular character combining the classic and feminine Maria with a masculine name like José.

3. Maria Carmen. The Hebrew origin of María joins the Latin origin of Carmen in one of the most popular names in the entire Hispanic world. Both names have great force and are as frequent alone as in infinite combinations.

4. Ana Lucia. We find a Hebrew origin for Ana and a Latin origin for Lucia. It is one of the most popular and appreciated names for girls because it exudes delicacy and good taste. A name that is a sure hit for your girl.

5. Maria Elena. The Hebrew origin of Maria joins the Greek origin of Elena to form one of the most beautiful names for girls. This combination is known throughout the world and maintains its popularity outside of fashions and trends because it is a name with a special force.

6. Maria Isabel. It is a compound name with a Hebrew origin that is liked for its musicality. The combination of both names results in a name for a girl full of sweetness and beauty, making it perfect for your girl.

7. Mariana Jesus. The Latin origin of Mariana joins the Hebrew origin of Jesus to form a compound that stands out for its peculiarity. It is a name derived from Maria combined with another that, in principle, would be masculine. The result is one of the most forceful and popular names for girls.

8. Ana Maria. This compound name for girls has a Hebrew origin and contains all the biblical tradition. It is a very familiar name that inspires affection and confidence, being one of those names that does not wear out despite its continued use.

9. Martha Cecilia. The Aramaic origin of Martha joins the Latin origin of Cecilia to form one of the most characteristic compound names of Ecuador. Ecuadorian girls are more identified with this English variant of Marta and that gives it a more sophisticated air.

10. Mary Magdalene. It is a name of Hebrew origin that comes directly from the religious tradition. Mary Magdalene is one of the most popular biblical characters and that has meant that for centuries this name has been used for girls in the family.

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