Benefits of sensory theater for babies

Benefits of sensory theater for babies

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Sensory theater is one that seeks to stimulate the baby's senses. For that, it uses sounds, textures, images that awaken new emotions in babies.

Through games, music, elements and lighting, sensory theater manages to interact with babies, stimulating different sensations. Babies know the world around them through their five senses, so sensory theater becomes a very positive option when it comes to stimulating their sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

Thanks to the sensory theater, numerous benefits for the baby:

1. Encourage your sensory abilities by interconnecting your senses.

2. Encourage their cognitive development in a comprehensive way.

3. Develop your intelligence.

4. Feed your curiosity.

5. It becomes an option for family entertainment and leisure.

1. The view: the newborn barely distinguishes objects at close range. From 5 or 6 months the baby does not perceive changes in light clearly. It will be from 9 months when it can be said that the baby has fully developed the sense of sight and can see as an adult. Through games with lighting, your eyesight is developed, bringing you closer to the world around you.

2. The sense of smell: Babies perceive olfactory sensations just like an adult. This sense is located in the brain in the area of ​​emotions and memory. Its stimulation is therefore essential for babies.

3. Taste: Babies are able to taste flavors like adults from the moment they are born. To be able to distinguish and get to know them, nothing better than to stimulate this sense.

4. The ear: the baby is sensitive to noise and is able to distinguish the intensity of sounds, and loud noises disturb him, while calming both his mother's voice and music.

5. The touch: For the newborn, touch becomes his way of communicating with the world, experiencing many feelings.

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