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St. Patrick's Day, March 17. Names for boys

St. Patrick's Day, March 17. Names for boys

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Patrick is a name for boy of latin origin what does it mean 'of noble or patrician origin'. It is a name with a direct relationship with the Roman concept of 'patrician' or nobleman, which comes from the ancient Roman family of patricians.

Although the frequency of its use is decreasing over the years, unlike its feminine Patricia, it is an ideal name for your son if you like traditional but original names. Celebrate the name day on March 17, which is St. Patrick's Day.

If you are thinking of calling your baby Patrick, you should know that March 17 it is going to become an important date for the whole family. And this is the day the saint has dedicated to the saint who bears his name: Saint Patrick.

Next we will talk a little more in detail about who Saint Patrick was and the great holiday it has given rise to. But first, let's learn a little more about this name. As we have already told you, it is a Latin name that means something like 'the one who is patrician'. And it is that this name of 'patricius' which, in turn, comes from pater, which means father.

And who were the patricians? They were a privileged social class of Ancient Rome, descendants of the first founders and the only ones who enjoyed all the rights as citizens. It would take a long time and many struggles with the commoners for the patricians to lose all their privileges for the sake of a more egalitarian society.

According to some studies, the 'patrician' began to be a proper name before the Middle Ages began.

Roman patricians may have had a lot to do with the spread of this name among babies. However, the true architect of the popularity of the name Patrick is due to the saint, pattern of ireland, venerated in a party that is already welcoming all countries and all cultures, which as you already know is celebrated precisely on March 17.

It is difficult to establish with certainty where and when this saint was born, since the theories in this regard are different. Tradition says that when Patricio was very young, he was kidnapped by pirates who also destroyed his house. He was turned into a slave, which led him to travel to different places serving his masters. Although, when he returned home, he continued his theological studies.

It is also said that, after having a sacred vision, Patrick decided become a missionary and evangelize the lands of Ireland. For this reason, he is considered the patron of this country and the person responsible for Christianity coming to this island.

- The feast of St. Patrick's Day around the world
On March 17, the feast of Saint Patrick is celebrated in his honor, a celebration that is lived with great intensity in Ireland but which, due to migratory flows and globalization, has already spread to many other countries in the world. In the United States, for example, the arrival of March 17 is also eagerly awaited to organize a great party.

On this day, it is common for people to wear green, but there are also often touches of white and orange, in honor of the Irish flag. On the streets of Dublin, and in many other places around the world, big parades are held, people gather in bars to dance, drink beer and have a good time, festivals are organized ...

- The goblins and Saint Patrick
Saint Patrick is also associated with this festival the figure of the clovers (with three leaves) that represent the Holy Trinity. But it is also easy to see the odd elf or green goblin. Legend has it that when they saw Saint Patrick trying to turn the Irish into Christians, the Druids summoned the forest elves.

These mischievous creatures used to go to St. Patrick's Church to spoil his masses or play tricks on him in front of his parishioners. When the saint invoked divine power to drive out the impure spirits, the goblins left and did not return.

Thanks to this legend, it is common for the streets to be decorated with little elves or goblins during the feast of Saint Patrick and, even, that the participants in the celebration dress up as them.

Patricio is a somewhat obsolete name nowadays although, not for that reason, it sounds strange or ugly. However, her female variant, Patricia, it is much more common. And there are many girls around the world, especially in the West, who are called that. In both cases, it is common to hear the diminutive Patri.

The name Patricio is also present in other countries, beyond those who speak Spanish in their different variants. For example, in English the name Patrick is used, but also in German, Polish or Norwegian. The French version is Patrice and the Italian, Patrizio. In the case of Portuguese, we must add a tilde, Patrício, and in Hungarian it is Patrícius.

As for the famous people who have carried this name we have the actors Patrick Swayze or Patrick Dempsey. However, we cannot forget the singer Don Patricio either. And, of course, SpongeBob's friend, the cute Patrick Star.

If the feast of Saint Patrick is represented by leprechauns and clovers, it is obvious that all children who bear this name are going to be very lucky. However, the numerology of names goes a little further and proposes some common traits that all children who bear this name will share.

And these depend on the number that is added from the values ​​of each of the letters that make up the name. In this case: P (7), A (2), T (2), R (9), I (9), C (3), I (9), O (6). If we add all these numbers we have 47 and, when we add the numbers again we have 11; which, as a final result, gives that Patrick's number is 2.

If we pay attention to what numerology says about children of number 2We will know that you are very generous and caring to the people you meet. They always share their toys with other children and do not hesitate to help their peers when they need it. However, children with these characteristics often need reinforcement from their parents so that they do not succumb to low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence.

Due to the meaning of their name, Patricio and Patricia print character and height, in addition to being surrounded by great prestige. Patricio has a shrewd spirit and an alert intelligence with which he obtains all the necessary resources to get out of any situation successfully. His sympathy and sense of loyalty make Patricio a person who can be easily trusted.

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