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Discord in the fridge. Children's story to help the child eat everything

Discord in the fridge. Children's story to help the child eat everything

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Children are prone to eliminating food from their diet because they don't like it, or because of its texture. With this children's story you can show the child that all foods are necessary and equally important for a balanced diet and healthy growth.

Find out how this children's story ends to help the children eat everything.

Like every Friday the Pérez family he had done the weekly shopping. And like every Friday chaos reigned in the fridge. All the foods seemed very quiet when they reached the kitchen, but as soon as the refrigerator door was closed, everyone began to care and show off to others.

The eggs They rolled around having fun and making the yogurts lose their balance and get angry. The lettuce asked for more space in the vegetable drawer because it wanted to be very cool. The pears argued with the apples about who was the children's favorite fruit. Bananas were believed to be the most important because they were rich in potassium. And, while vegetables and fruits raised their voices and sowed discord, the milkmore calmly, she conversed with the cheese on the green meadows and the cows from which they descended.

The chicken did not like the way the hake nor the trout and did not want to be near them. And the fish, joining forces, defended themselves saying that they smelled of the sea. They weren't off to a good start to spend a few days in the fridge together. And, if the beginning was not good, the hours that followed were not much better.

If at first the chicken had defended the field, the hake, the sea, and the trout, the river; now they were arguing about their best recipe. The chicken wanted to be baked and well served with good crispy potatoes. On the contrary, she wanted the trout to be grilled and for her the best accompaniment would be a very fresh salad. Each spoke of himself and little listened to the other.

However, it was at night that silence was achieved, after hearing the mother of the Pérez family say to her son:

- It is best to have a balanced diet. Must eat everything and varied, because all foods are important for us to be healthy.

And this is how, at last, food understood that they are all equally important, because each one contributes a good thing to health, and that they can be very rich whether they are cooked separately or if you are looking for a good combination between they. Mmmmmm…. Delicious!!!!

If you want to know if your child has understood the text of the story Discord in the fridge, ask them these simple reading comprehension questions.

- Why were they arguing about the food in the fridge?

- Why did you think bananas were very important?

- Why was the chicken angry?

- Who was the most important food of all?

- What have you learned from this story?

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