Poems for Mother's Day

Poems for Mother's Day

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On this occasion we give you beautiful poetry to celebrate theMother's Day. If you want a special gift to congratulate the mothers on their day, here is a list of children's poems full of love and affection that you can recite or write on a card. They are the best Poems for Mother's Day, but you can also use them to celebrate a special day like mom's birthday.

On Mother's Day, children show their appreciation for all these unselfish care of mothers and what better way than to do it than with rhymes, with a poetry dedicated especially to them. On our site you will find poems, poems dedicated to mothers, as well as some special dedications.

For moms there is no date more special than Mother's Day. A unique occasion to enjoy this joyous party with our babies and children. At Guiainfantil we celebrate it with the most beautiful verses and rhymes.

Poems to congratulate mothers

We mothers like all kinds of expressions of love, affection, attention and congratulations that our children show towards us. There is nothing like a tender look, a sweet kiss or a deep hug.

But there are also demonstrations that make us 'drool' like a poem, a drawing or a dedication made by children. In Guiainfantil We have selected 10 dedications for children to congratulate their mothers on their day:

1. Mom, thank you for your love. You are the only one who has always wanted only the best for me. Congratulations mom!

2. To the most beautiful flower of my life, to whom I feel the most beautiful, most talented, most special person ... I dedicate all my love. Thank you, Mom, for always being by my side. I love you!

3. To the mother who always gives me everything without expecting anything in return, who accepts me as I am and motivates me to be even better, CONGRATULATIONS. Thank you, Mom, for your unconditional love.

4. A million thanks to the only person in the world who is always by my side through good times and bad: my mother. Congratulations, my treasure, my life!

5. Mom, you are my love, my pride, my example. Thank you for everything you have given me and thank you for being my mom! Happy Mother's Day.

6. Mom, the best gift I can give you and I know that it is the one that you will like the most, it is my heart, my love and all my affection. Have a very special day as you deserve it.

7. Thank you mom, for your attention, for your love, for your protection. Thank you mom, for making me feel great and important in life. You are my strength and my great love. Happy Mother's Day.

8. With love and joy I tell you that there is no mother like mine. HAPPY DAY, MOM!

9. Today is the day of a great woman and an exemplary mother. Today is my mother's day. CONGRATULATIONS, MOM.

10. Mom, thank you for sowing love and hope in my heart. Have a day as special as you. I love you!

11. I can never find the right words that show how much I love you, but I will try: I love you, Mom!

Now that we have the poems and dedications, you may be wondering, what can we do with all of them? Here are some ideas for children to give to their mothers in the most tender way.

- Make a nice recital for mom
One of the most beautiful ways we can surprise Mom is by organizing a poetry recital for her. Each member of the family has to learn a few verses and a dedication, and one by one you will recite it to the mother.

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- Turn it into song
Poems are the most beautiful lyrics in songs. For this reason, we encourage you to invent a beautiful melody (you can even use a nursery rhyme that your children really like) and choose one of these poems to use its verses as lyrics. When you learn it by heart and sing it to your mother, surely a tear of emotion will fall.

What if you turn poetry into rap? What fun! You can record your work of musical art with your mobile and send it to mom to surprise her, in case she has to work on Mother's Day.

- Write the verses and frame them
Suggest that your children write the poetry you have chosen to give to mom on a piece of paper or colored paper. Once the writing has finished, you can decorate it as you like.

Next, you must buy a photo frame that fits the size of your creation and place your poetry as if it were a photo. To make this gift even more special, you can write a dedication to Mom on the back of the photo frame. It will make you really excited!

To personalize the gift (and not have to leave home to buy a frame) you can make the photo holder yourself. To do this, you only need a little cardboard (or rubber), a transparent plastic and materials to decorate.

- Put poetry and dedication on a card
Another great idea that all moms will love is to receive a card or postcard with their poetry written on it (in their child's handwriting) and a dedication full of love. Make the card yourself and the value of the gift will increase to infinity.

- Draw a picture about poetry
And, finally, you can all draw a drawing of your mother inspired by the poem. You will love it! This is the best option if you have small children at home.

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