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Saint Mariana Day, May 26. Names for girls

Saint Mariana Day, May 26. Names for girls

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Mariana is a name for girl of Latin origin whose meaning is related to the Virgin Mary. It is a name of exceptional beauty and musicality that can be perfect for your daughter.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names for girls, it remains an original and attractive name that maintains the tradition. Celebrate your name day May 26, which is the day of Santa Mariana, saint who was born in Quito (Ecuador) and belonged to the Third Order of San Francisco.

In many homes, the day of the saint of children is celebrated with a party of hugs, kisses and congratulations. If this is the case of your family, and you have a grandmother, mother or girl named Mariana, you should know that the most special day will be May 26.

This is the date that the saints reserve for Santa Mariana de Jesús, who before being a saint was known as Mariana de Paredes. Born and died in 17th century Quito, she is a highly venerated saint in the Ecuadorian country, where she is also called La Azucena de Quito. What a beautiful name!

She came from a high-born family, although she was orphaned and in charge of her sister when she was only a child. From the earliest childhood, Mariana showed her interest in religion but, above all, in helping those who needed it most. Since I was very young this saint led a life of charity and penance. It is even said that he spent days without eating or sleeping to show his humility and dedication to the divine.

When we talk about Saint Mariana of Jesus, it is impossible not to hear his song as a soundtrack. And it is that this saint had a great gift for music. He loved to play the guitar and the vihuela (a stringed instrument that is similar to the guitar but has double strings), while singing beautiful melodies.

They talk about different miracles or extraordinary events related to his life. For example, on one occasion he offered his life to God in exchange for the terrible earthquakes that shook the city to stop. Finally, he died very young, only 26 years old, on May 26, 1645.

The name Mariana is known and appreciated throughout the world. It has the particularity of being both a proper name with full autonomy, but at the same time it can come from the compound Maria Ana. In any case, its variants in other languages ​​such as Marianne, Marianna or Marian are also very attractive to us.

The name of your daughter It is the name of aristocrats, nobles and princesses, like Mariana from Austria, Mariana from Neoburgo or Mariana Victoria from Portugal. But Mariana is also a place name, like a municipality in the province of Cuenca in Spain and the popular Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

The legend has left us Marian as the companion Robin Hood and literature has kept alive the figure of a woman of flesh and blood such as Mariana Pineda, immortalized in the theatrical work of Federico García Lorca. Continuing in the world of literature, we cannot fail to mention the successful Irish novelist Marian Keyes.

Have you ever played to discover which number corresponds to you by name? It's as simple as adding the numbers that correspond to the letters that make up your name. In Mariana's case, this number is 3: M (4), A (1), R (9), I (9), A (1), N (5), A (1).

Numerology ensures that girls who are related to the number 3 are usually very communicative and fun. They tend to have many social skills, so it is easy for them to make friends. They are restless but, of what there is no doubt, is that they are very intelligent. They always want to learn new things that help them on a day-to-day basis.

Due to the meaning of her name, Mariana has a charismatic, sensitive and friendly personality. It is easy for him to make friends thanks to his friendliness and calmness, along with an enigmatic touch. Also, Mariana is constant, hard and tenacious, so it is usually successful in the workplace.

Mariana is a more or less common name in countries like Spain, Mexico and Argentina. There are many parents who accompany him by another name so that the nickname of their daughters is even more unique. But, What names combine with Mariana? We must bear in mind that this name, in turn, is already formed by María and Ana and, therefore, it is not possible to combine it with them again.

To help you come up with the best name composed from Mariana, here are some ideas that you might like.

- Mariana Lucia
Lucia is one of the most popular names to call a girl. It always appears in the lists of the most frequent names for babies. For this reason, and because of its beautiful meaning related to light, it is a good combination for Mariana.

- Mariana Micaela
Micaela is a very elegant and pretty name for any girl who is about to be born. It is a Hebrew name that means 'nothing like God' and is the feminine form of Michael. We love how it stands next to the name Mariana because it is very attractive and profound, right?

- Elsa Mariana
Since Mariana is a long name, there are parents who will prefer a short name to complement it. What do you think of Elsa? It is an option of Hebrew origin that means 'God has sworn'.

- Zoe Mariana
And finally, we propose a name that is very fashionable: Zoe. It is modern, short and beautiful, what more could you ask for? Its origin is Greek and means 'life'.

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