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10 African names for girls

10 African names for girls

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It may be difficult for you to choose the name of the baby you are expecting because of the many options there are. If in your family you are not looking for a traditional name, but you like original names that have not been heard much, surely African names for girls they are a good option.

African names for girls they are strange but beautiful names, with very interesting meanings that can reinforce the personality of your girl. We have a list of the 10 most beautiful African names for girls.

We start with this list of African names that you are going to like so much. We have accompanied each of these name ideas with its meaning, since this extra information will surely help you decide on the perfect name for your baby.

1. Delu
This name of African origin that means'the only girl'. It is one of the ones we like the most because its ending is rare in girls' names. It also transmits power and personality and is charming.

2. Kande
It is an African name that means'firstborn', something to keep in mind for your first baby. It stands out for its sound and because it denotes a certain air of sophistication.

3. Nasha
The name is of African origin and means'born in the rainy season'. It is one of the sweetest names you can choose, with a delicate musicality and a meaning that prints personality.

4. Ashanti
It is one of the prettiest African names for girls and means 'Thank you'. It presents that combination of delicacy and strength that makes it one of the best ideas for your girl's name.

5. Begum
This African name is an original name that does not fall into eccentricity. It means 'Princess', which only adds charm to an ideal name for any girl.

6. Musoke
Although it has a sound that reminds us of Japanese names, this name is of African origin and has one of the most beautiful meanings, 'rainbow'. It is a very special name that exudes charisma.

7. Chayna
The name has one of those meanings that we love for our children. It means loving and if it is one of our favorite African names it is because it is so sweet and charming.

8. Akanke
Again one of those names related to the 'love'which we love. Its forceful sound does not detract from the delicacy of this original and beautiful name. If you are one of the parents who are looking for specific names according to the letter they start with, here is a perfect example of a name with A.

9. Lewa
This African name means'beautiful', so it is most appropriate for your child. We like it because it has a lot of strength and has the beauty of those rare names that have not been used much.

10. Ayana
It is a name of Ethiopian origin with one of the most beautiful meanings 'beautiful flower'. Due to its musicality, it is not an extravagant name but it does maintain a fresh and original touch that makes it perfect.

Did you like these African names? They have surely caught your attention for their beautiful meaning and beautiful sound when pronouncing. Even so, here are some other reasons why it is a good idea to give an African name to the girl you are waiting on your belly.

- We give them a 10 for their originality
Outside of Africa, most of these names for girls sound lovely, but mostly very exotic. Still not many parents take the step of choosing one of these nicknames for their babies, so your little girl's name will sound original and unique.

- Names with tradition
Although it is possible that in your country they are not too frequent, all these names have a great tradition and history in the African country. That is why they will never sound outlandish or humiliating like other 'too original' names that some parents choose for their babies.

- They will never forget what your babies are called
If you choose a name as special as the ones we have just offered you, you will be making sure that no one forgets your son or daughter's name. It may take a while to learn the name, but once you know it, you won't forget it.

- Direct names with great force
As you may have already noticed, African names tend to sound very blunt and straightforward, so they convey great strength and power. However, all of them maintain that sweet touch that makes them irresistible. What else can you ask for?

- Honor African culture
Choosing one of these names for your baby is a great way to honor the African culture that you love and attract so much. The truth is that it is easy to catch the enigma and beauty that everything related to Africa transmits. Why not soak your little girl's name with a little bit of everything precious about this continent?

If you are thinking of choosing an African name for your baby, it is sure that you love everything that has to do with African culture. Therefore, below we have decided to give you a small prenatal gift that you will know how to value. We offer you a small compilation of some beautiful African legends that you can reading to your baby during pregnancy. In this way, you will be able to learn everything related to the mysteries and wisdom of Africa.

Reading the baby in your tummy is a great way to establish a very special bond with him. In addition, your little one will get used to your voice and it will help to feel calmer once born and recognize it. Parents can also participate in this beautiful moment, which will allow you to create precious memories that later, when the boy or girl is older, you can tell them with joy.

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